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Together for the Living Tisza! programme announced in the Parliament

The opening conference of the TÁJ-KÉP programme about Tisza future vision building (more information www.elotisza.hu) was supported by Katalin Szili, chairman of the Hungarian Parliament. More than 280 participants had taken part at the event among others members of the Environmental Committee, academicians and the newly elected chairman of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, NGOs and mayors of villages and cities located by the Tisza river. Hidvégi-Üstös Pál had introduced the Together for the Living Tisza! programme and asked the MPs, the NGOs, mayors to sign the declaration put together with SZÖVET (Alliance for the Living Tisza) and to run a shorter distance together with him. Pál had ensured the politicians that they can set the pace.

Hidvégi-Expedition-Exhibition at the Praktiker Sport Day

One of the premium sponsors of programmes of Pál Hidvégi-Üstös for 2008 is the 10 year old Praktiker. We had set up a small exhibition tent at the sport day of the DIY organised for its employees. The equipment of the 2006 year, 852 km Tisza Swimming and the 2007. Old Spice Africa Expedition were displayed. Those interested could sit in the Gumotex sea kayak that was used on the Nile, the Malawi Lake and the wildest river on Earth, the Zambezi. The machete that was used in the African jungle, or the Masai shoes made from tire, or even a scorpion – in a glass – could have been hold in hand.

Sahara project launched

Hidvégi-Üstös Pal would like to be the first running cross the Grand Sahara in 2009. Pal facing more than 9000 kms and several sights to see, rock paintings, ancient cities, fortresses. Among others his Excellency the Minister for Youth and Sport in Sudan is supporting the programme. We had spent a week in Sudan from 16th March to prepare the project. Our local partner Mohamed Hussein, who is managing one of the most important NGO sin Sudan hosted us. pics...

Adventure Academy, guest of the travel show

Hidvégi-Üstös Pál and the Adventure Academy were guests of the Travel Show of Nyiregyháza. We thank Attila Szabó for the invitation. Had introduced the only adventure race of Hungary, the Cross Hungary Adventure (organised from 25 – 27 July this year) and our next event the 1050 km Tisza running launched in May. pics...

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