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Hidvégi-Üstös Pál is preparing

Hidvégi-Üstös Pál is preparing for being the first man running cross the Grand Sahara. As part of the preparation he had spent a week in Southern Algeria with consultation with the local authorities about the safety of the programme and also had run abt. 170 during 4 days. The desert wind and the cold climate made the running even tougher. Review also the photos of the programme.

Highlights of the programme:

  • visiting the "capital" of the Polisario Tindouf consultation with local leaders
  • travelling to cultural centre Tifarity, performances of Spanish Artists
  • running in the stone desert
  • running with camels
  • the place is full of neolitic paintings, visiting is monitored due to former damages
  • running in a minefield- must stay on the only road - visiting the local memory
  • tea and camel meat all the time, be prepared with good teeth

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