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About Continent Expeditions

evezés majmok kamion

XXI. Century Explorers

There is no white mark on the maps today. The great explorers of the past had coloured every tiny territory. Although the world was lot wilder in the old days when Teleki Samu, Almásy László, Kőrösi Csoma Sándor, but they took the road again and again to the farthermost edges of the world, by boat, horse, camel or cart or just on foot.

An average urban citizen is sometimes afraid to leave the house, and he/she is frightened to travel to wild for continents. The media is also full of warnings: Don’t go! Be aware of the risks! But many times we are just afraid of our own preconceptions and fictions. The XXI century explorers will prove that there is nothing to be afraid of. After obtaining all necessary knowledge, detailed preparation, and considering safety as a key feature we can go anywhere.

Why are we explorers? Because we have to reintroduce the World! We have to touch the stone, smell the earth, listen to the songs of the exotic birds, and taste the sweat. You cannot feel the nature through the World Wide Web, on TV or not even when driving a car or spending a week in a several star hotel or in a luxury camp, only how our forefathers did. We will adjust the transport methods to the lie of the land, but of course will use natural but modern equipment. We will kayak on rivers and lakes, will be inline skating where it is possible, will hike on all major mountains, will practice rope activities, will raft or canyon in white water area, will spice the programme with an ultra marathon in the Kalahari desert, the longer distances will be covered by bike and will fasten the programme with some hundred kilometres quad rides. As the key feature is the safety, police guard is automatically provided in several countries, and where we consider this as a crucial point we will organise the protections as contacting with the relevant offices or with the governments.

Mission of the expedition:

  • Show everything! Besides the top hits all hidden values, unknown countries, land, the flora and the fauna and the humans living in harmony with the nature
  • To ease the preconceptions and fears of the man in the street, and bring the world closer and to make people interested knowing it.
  • Instead of the motor vehicles warns the attention on the natural transport formats. Let’s kayak, ride, hike, run or trek! We can know something really and live in harmony with nature only this way.
  • We support the next generation, and the schools in the counties which we cross, this contributes to a better future.
  • This links cultures, countries, religions, tribes, political forces so the final message is: peace.

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