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Hidvégi-Üstös Pál

Survival and navigation specialist, extreme sportsmen

Sports Box (6 years), judo (2 years), kickbox (5 years), kyokushin karate, till the beginning of the 1990s. From 1994 on, I am hiking, taking part at adventure races, survival programmes, mountain biking, inline skating, long distance running. From 2005 on, as captain of the Salomon X Team I am rafting, hydrospeeding, hikingcanyoning, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, horse riding.

Being survival and navigation expert, having wide range of experience in extreme sports and rescue work, having managed extreme teams that reached very good and even outstranding results, I have been continuously preparing both mentaly and phisicaly for the biggest challenge, the Old Spice Africa Expedition.

Races, results
1991. Running in Western-Sahara 160 km.
1992. South-Algeria survival programme, running.
1993. Mount Blanc hiking
1995. Szombathely survival adventure race, organised by the Hungarian Army, Ist place
1996. 3 days survival adventure race (organised by Hungarian Police), member of the team, 3rd place
1996. Competition of Safety Guards (organiser Chamber of Safeguards) Ist place, two days survival adventure race, member of the winning team.
1997. Wien-Budapest Supermarathon individual category
1997. Bükk International Marathon
1997. Plus-Kaiser’s Marathon
1998. Kaiser Trophy Adventure Race/ Mecsek
1998. I. Army Adventure Race (mentor: Hungarian Army) captain of the 1st place winning team. We had to cover 360 km distance on foot, with 30 kgs backpack.
1998. Two weeks survival programme in Marocco.
1999. II. Army Adventure Race (mentor: Hungarian Army) captain of the 1st place winning team.
1999. 3 weeks survival programme in Egypt. We were left in the desert and had to find our three days way out to the finish point with using only compass. Tasks fulfilled: hiking, rope activities in St Catherine mountains, extreme tour in the Colour and White canyons. Horse riding, scuba diving.
2003. Borsod Trophy, Balaton Trophy
2003. Marcus Aurelianus Marsh (Austria) 1st place

2004. Cornexi-The North Face Cross Hungary Expedition, team captain. 28 days, 1200 kms mainly on foot carrying 30 kgs backpack. 60 kms swimming, horse riding, canoeing, rope activities, via ferrata, mental and phisical trial of the team of 7 persons (5 men, 2 women).
2005-2007. organiser and technical director of Cross Hungary Adventure annual adventure races.

2006. Fulfilled the „Together for the environment, together for the Tisza” programme by swimming 851,84 kms (the full lenght where it is possibble to swim), 33 days, net 255 hours on the Tisza. This represents a World Record.

2007. Old Spice Afrika Expedition organiser and team leader. Members of the team are Czech, Slovakian, Slovenien, Croatian, Russian and Ukrainien sportsmen. The biggest mental and physical challenges during the expedition:

  • The 3 highest peaks of Africa in 3 weeks (Meru, Kilimanjaro, Kenya Mount)
  • Kayaking on the flouding Zambezi
  • 150 km running/trekking in the 40 °C hot Namibian desert
  • Escaping from shower of stone in Ethiopia
  • The team had cross the county that is considered to be the most dangerous North Kenya, where weekly armed robberys make outstandingly dangerous.
I live in Hungary since 1989. In organising the programmes my active is my marketing and PR advisor, event organiser wife. We have two children, Dominic is 5, Izabella 3 years old.

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